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The Fighter New Mexico Needs

Representing the Values & Interests of New Mexicans

Support Paul Spencer for District 6

"As a proud New Mexican, I am committed to addressing the critical issues facing our communities. My mission is to fight for our families and the issues that matter most, such as tackling the lasting effects of the 2020 pandemic, looming food and energy crisis, voter integrity, the economy, the war on children, and the continued push for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) that threatens the sovereignty of all industries, organizations, Local Government entities, and, most importantly, individuals. 


We will be bold in addressing systemic issues that disproportionately affect certain communities, such as poverty, discrimination, and environmental hazards. By promoting equity, New Mexico can ensure that all its residents have the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives and contribute to the state's growth and prosperity." - Paul Spencer for District 6

A Vote for Paul Spencer is a Vote for:

New Mexico First

Economic Growth

Border Security

Job Opportunities

Supporting Small Business

Stopping Government Overreach

2nd Amendment Rights

Safety of Our Citizens

Quality Education

Safe, Clean, Affordable Water

Quality Healthcare 

Election Integrity

Parental Rights

Environmental Advocacy

Stopping Mandate of EVs

Development of Local Infrastructure

Protecting Individual Rights & Freedom


Support Paul Spencer for District 6

"I am Paul Spencer, and I am running for Representative for New Mexico House District 6. I want to make a positive difference in our community, and I need your support!


I care about the issues that affect us all. I want to help our economy grow and keep our neighborhoods safe. Right now, things are tough for many of us, and I believe that we can work together to make things better.


We need to find ways to make groceries more affordable for everyone. Did you know that New Mexico is one of the most expensive states to buy food? I want to change that.


I also want to help people who are struggling to find good jobs. We need to make sure that everyone has a chance to succeed. And we must work on keeping our communities safe. Crime rates are going up, and we need to find solutions to protect our families.


Our leaders need to be accountable to us. We deserve to know how our tax dollars are being spent. We also need to improve our education system and make sure that every child has a chance to learn and succeed.

I am ready to be your voice in the government. But I can't do it alone. I need your help and support. Together, we can make a real difference in our community.


Join me on this journey to create a better future. Let's stand together for a stronger economy, safer neighborhoods, and a government that listens to us.


Vote for Paul Spencer, your advocate for change in New Mexico House District 6!

Paul Spencer's long-standing dedication to community service and advocacy sets him apart as a candidate for New Mexico State Representative in District 6. His commitment to tackling poverty, the looming food and energy crisis, government overreach, and ESG policies that threaten individual sovereignty makes his campaign unique in the U.S. Congress race.

Paul Spencer for New Mexico

Support Paul Spencer

Empower New Mexico District 6

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