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A New Mexico First Republican

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  • Republican Party Member Running for New Mexico House, District 6

  • Husband, Father, Business Owner, Community Leader

  • Born & Raised in the Bluewater Village, Cibola County area

  • Built a Successful Business Inspired by Father's Expertise in Mechanic & Construction Industry

  • Experienced Small Business Owner Who Understands the Needs & Challenges of Local Businesses

  • Long-Time Volunteer for Bluewater Village, Committed to Serving & Improving the Local Community

  • Active Member of the Board of Directors for Our Local Public Water District

  • Leader & Advocate for W.I.L.L. for Prosperity Initiative to Save Our Water Rights

  • Committed to Community Service, Accessible Healthcare, & Clean Water access

  • Supports Candidates Who Are Not Part of Progressive Democrat Candidates

  • Supports The Referendum Project

  • Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Supporter of Parental Rights

  • Honoring Our Heroes: Supporting Veterans in Our Community


Paul Spencer is the Ideal Candidate to Represent District 6, Ensuring YOUR VOICE is Heard & That Our Community Thrives

Now is our chance to stand united for a stronger economy, safer communities, and a government that works for New Mexicans by New Mexicans. Together, we can redefine the future, empower our community, and make a lasting impact on New Mexico District 6!

About Paul

Paul Spencer, a dedicated Republican Party member, is running for the New Mexico House in District 6. Despite facing adversity from a young age, Paul's unwavering commitment to community service has shaped his life story.


After a life-altering car accident at 16, Paul's dreams of joining the air force were shattered. However, he persevered and built a successful business, drawing inspiration from his father's expertise in the mechanic and construction industry.


In the face of health problems preventing him from completing college, Paul engaged in self-study of homeopathic medicine and therapy, gaining valuable insights into accessible healthcare. The 2010 housing crisis further tested him, but he and his wife worked tirelessly in various roles, exemplifying their dedication to the community.


Another car accident in 2014 brought new challenges, but Paul's resolve remained unshaken. Through intense physical therapy, he not only regained mobility but also became a certified firefighter, ready to assist during emergencies.


Paul's commitment to community service extends to his advocacy for affordable funding and technical assistance for clean water access. His experience, resilience, and belief in the power of community make him an ideal candidate for District 6.


With Paul Spencer as your representative, you can trust that your voice will be heard, your concerns will be addressed, and your community will thrive.


Join Paul Spencer's Campaign Today!

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