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The War on Children & Possible Solutions

Updated: Jul 6

The War on Children:

Possible Solutions to Issues We Are Facing Today:

  • Pacific Justice: Parental Rights

  • Go Gateways: The Bible in State Academic Standards 

  • Turning Point Academy

  • Better Together New Mexico: Not My Kid Petition

  • Courage is a Habit

  • Parents of Patriots

  • Parents of Patriots YouTube

The War on Children:

  • The War on Children Video

  • Parents in seven NM school districts left in the dark about kids being ‘transitioned’

  • American Doctors Sign Declaration Protecting Children from Gender Procedures

  • NEW MEXICO SCHOOLS: Failed Academics, Violence, Drugs, Transgender Affirmation, Graphic Sexual Books

  • Progressive Woke Emerge Agenda 21

  • It's in Schools: The Queering of the American Child

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